The Half-Life 2: Episode Pack

The Half-Life 2: Episode Pack

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New episodes for Half-Life 2


  • Great story
  • Excellent stories
  • Improved graphics


  • First episide is a little disappointing


The Half-Life 2: Episode Pack includes the two episodes released after Half-Life 2, as well as an online death-match game.

The episodes are the biggest draw, expanding and continuing the fantastic story of silent scientist Gordon Freeman. Each episode has about 6-8 hours of gameplay in it, and while many questions players have from the end of Half Life 2 are answered, many more are asked.

The Half-Life 2: Episode Pack is full of the same mix of puzzles and action that made the first two games so compelling, although these have much more impressive graphics. As the story does follow from the previous games, it's best for people to play Half-Life 1 and 2 first!

Both episodes in the The Half-Life 2: Episode Pack are good, but the second is the best of the two, as the plot is better paced and the gameplay feels more balanced. The first sometimes feels a bit stretched, but it's still an excellent first-person shooter.

Essential for fans of the series, and highly recommended for others, The Half-Life 2: Episode Pack is a great addition to one of the best loved games of the 21st century so far.

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